What the Doctors Say

This page has been set up to give ‘a tongue in cheek’ laugh although the lack of knowledge of the Medical Profession is beyond belief.


The following quotes were written on a Benzo group in answer to the question

“What was some of the bad advice you have been given in psych drug or benzodiazepine withdrawal?”




* "You need to stay off the internet"


* “I am stopping your prescription immediately you will be off the meds when your drugs run out so you won’t be able to get anymore now”


* ”Use an enema and hold it for hours and it will take your akathesia away”


* “Take these magic supplements and you will be better in a few days


* “Go back on the benzo even though you were paradoxical”


* “Hang by your toes from the ceiling fan”


* “Progesterone cream will cure you”


* “Oh and how about we add more prescription drugs”


* "All you need is some fresh air"


* “You can taper .5 mg Xanax in 2 weeks”


* "Isn't there a pill for that withdrawal?"


* “Will power is all you need”


* “It’s your original symptoms returning”


* “ Go and listen to Chopin” 


* “Use Epsom salts and an incense regimen and quit the drugs”


* “This is nothing to do with drugs you are mentally ill”


* “You will need to be on drugs the rest of your life”


* “How about drink more water”


* “Find Jesus and pray”


* “Just 72 hours and you will be good”


* “How about you go for a run when your heart rate goes up?”


* “Your heart racing an hour after you dose is just the sedative effects of the Valium wearing off”


* “Try deep breathing. It's just anxiety”


* “You need to be in a mental hospital"


* "We just need to find the RIGHT combination of drugs”


* "Listen to your Doctor- she knows best"


* "You're just tired"


* "Go to bed earlier"


* "If we find the right drug, it will heal your eyes, because this is all mental"


* “You are cursed, go to church and pray"


* “Go back on the drugs, they do help


* “You are not in withdrawal ( 2 months off) you have an anxiety disorder, you need to take an anti-depressant


* "You wanting to come off your drugs ("meds") is a sign that you are mentally ill"


* “I would never give you enough to make you dependent, but you must take it every day 3 x day. You MUST take them”


* “Mr. ….., if you think after two days from detox you are in still in benzo withdrawal, I suggest you fly back to FLorida tomorrow"


* “Tapping will really help you”


* “Benzodiazepine withdrawal is all a myth”


* “You can't still be in withdrawal you stopped the drugs three weeks ago so they're out of your system by now


* “You'll never get better unless you take Valium"


* “I think we should try Lithium”


* “These drugs are safer than taking a tic tak


* “Drug withdrawal doesn't cause suicidal thoughts”


* “If you're not better once off the drug we will have to look at what is causing these symptoms”


* “Stop researching - you will make yourself worse. Get off the computer and distract”


* "You are on baby doses. They are safe and you can stop anytime"


* "This stuff is safe to stay on for years and years"


* "Stop talking to people on line"


* "The dose you’re on is not scientifically relevant enough to control your bipolar disorder"


* "You were put on these meds for pain, but now it's clear you've developed mental illness, but it wasn't caused by meds"


* "Your parents are making you mentally ill, not the meds. You need to be in a nursing home"


* "Don't worry about the side effects. Read them over once and then forget about them"


* "The side effects will disappear the longer you stay on the meds"



"Let me guess--you didn't have any side effects until you read about them and now you think you have all of them”


* "You'll never have any quality of life free from (physical) pain unless you agree to take medication"


* "You are the most depressed person I have ever met"


* “Whatever you do - don't check the side effects'”


* “You have postnatal depression.” (My son was 3 years old at that point) 


* “If people read the side effects of table salt they'd never use it”


* “It's not the drug causing your memory loss. We just have more to remember as we get older”


* “It's not a big deal. It's just one pill a day"


* “This is one of the milder ones (of the benzos). Just take it and don't worry about it”


* “ Since your liver enzymes are elevated, we're going to take you off all supplements and drugs you're taking for a while. You can't stop Clorazapate, but cut it in half”


* “Try Celexa. .. it is like a anti-depressant light”


* “It’s ok you, have a chemical imbalance this will fix it”


* “It's not a reaction to Celexa. You're just having a breakdown"                 


* "If something happens (meaning you start behaving differently) when you are coming off the drugs, that means you need them”


* “Hmmm, I have no idea why your tongue is so sensitive and hurts. It couldn't be from the meds you are on”


* “Don’t worry it's just caused by ageing " (I was in my 40's)


* “I'm giving you topomax for weight control because your on such a high dose of seroquel. Don't worry about the cognitive impairment or that if you try to come off of the topomax now you'll have a seizure, its okay. But, you'll lose some weight”


* “Just Get over it”


* “Keep trying different meds. Some day we will find one that doesn't make you feel worse than you did when you first came for medication treatment"


* “Try this 1 for a week, then come back and lets see how you feel, one has to work”


* “I think you maybe bi-polar”


* "You are in the proud company of other great Artists like Vincent Van Gogh because most true Artists have Bipolar Disorder"


* "It's your original anxiety coming back”


* “For Xanax withdrawal, take Zoloft, Ambien and Xanax. 32 days later let's cold turkey you off Zoloft”


* “You have Post Traumatic Stress syndrome due to your experience in childbirth 43 years ago”


* “Don't stop the valium, you need it like a diabetic needs insulin”


* "It's alright you can take it, don't be afraid, it will heal your nerves"