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22. Mar, 2021

You’re going to be ok. Never give up on hope as it’s your best medicine of all. Never think any of this is going to be permanent as you’re healing all the time you’re freeing yourself of psychotropic drugs. Your body and brain will thank you for doing this.

When symptoms are raging ‘hopelessness’ is the dominant feeling as anxiety, depression, anger, sadness and a myriad of physical problems pull you deeper into despair. I know I’ve been there and believed there was no way out for me. But at the very centre of that hopeless feeling is some little grain of conviction that others have got through this so I can as well. This is why the despairing posts on the group in some ways help others not to feel alone or to feel any ‘different’.

Hopelessness can feel intense, lead to some scary thoughts but it is born out of frustration and fear and can’t be resisted as it’s part of the healing process. I can’t tell you to think positive, be brave or any platitudes like that but I can tell you that the little grain of hope, buried deep within and the reason you are putting yourself through all this, is going to grow into a sense of pride and fulfilment as recovery unfolds.

However hopeless you feel now you are going to be ok. 💗




14. Jan, 2021

The body holds a lot of unconscious blocks to the healing process and here I’m listing just a few.

Benzo withdrawal activates the stress response and this response is far more intense than ‘normal’ anxiety due the chemical imbalances that Benzos have created. Changing some bad habits may help the recovery process be easier and less traumatic for you. All sorts of fears are going to surface as you make your way through but being ready for them and not overreacting can help them pass quickly.

Emotions (feelings that cause reactions)...frustration, overwhelm, irritation, anger, blame, helpless, hopeless, worry....

Limiting Beliefs (subconscious statements we hold about ourselves)...I can’t heal, I’m worthless, I’m not good enough, I’m a failure, there’s something wrong with me, I’m not important, I’m not lovable, I’m all alone, life is hard, I’m unsupported, nobody is as sick as me, I’m too old, I took Benzos for too long....

Bad Memories (unhappy or traumatic experiences from the past)...accidents, surgeries, being bullied, the death of family members and friends, a difficult childhood, physical or mental abuse, being polydrugged, hospital experiences, being disbelieved by doctors as well as family and friends....

Bad Habits (things you may do consciously or subconsciously)....saying “I can’t”, body checking for symptoms, focussing on what you don’t want i.e.”I don’t want to feel like this any more”, negative self talk and thoughts, searching for answers and asking why, eliminating more and more from your diet, overthinking, Googling, comparing yourself to others, complaining to others, looking for a pill every time there is a new symptom, blaming the outside world for your sickness, being scared of new illnesses, blaming your relationships, scared to be sociable or to go outside, the list here is endless and you could add your own...

We are all guilty of many of these things as they are a natural response to what we are going through. Recognising them for what they are will help a little and prevent getting stuck in the stress response.

We are the masters of our minds and only we can help change happen. Yes there are chemical imbalances, perhaps nutritional deficiencies, perhaps other illnesses, even life pressures but even here our reactions and mindset can help deal with them and not let them hinder progress. Love and peace of mind help create beneficial healing energy in our bodies.

Benzo withdrawal can be a difficult and confusing process and all sorts of emotions etc are going to surface but knowing this and being prepared is one way to keep as calm as possible while healing happens,

You will find peace, health and happiness again so let all these blocks to healing flow over you and don’t let them take hold because you are going to be ok. 💖



21. Jul, 2019


Never doubt your own strength because you can do this. All of you here maybe at a different stage of your journey to benzo freedom but you are all getting there in your own way.

Don’t doubt your ability to do this even if you’re still in the foothills and just deciding how you’re going to climb that mountain to reach full health. You can do this, however weak and scared you may feel now.

Don’t pack up all those fears, concerns, worries, possible symptoms and take them with you to slow you down, leave them behind, set yourself free and start climbing. There are many here climbing beside you who will help pull you towards the summit until one day that exhilarating view of the scene below will greet you. It’s well worth the climb.


29. Jun, 2017