Further Updates from March 2018

9. Feb, 2019


There are numerous, inexplicable symptoms that come to plague us as we recover from benzos. They seem to appear in ‘sets’ which means sometimes they may be focussed on the gut and throw up a multitude of problems in that area while, at others they are focussed on muscle pain and we experience stiffness and aches all over. There’s a list of symptoms on my website and here in the Announcements which will verify what you are feeling is normal for withdrawal. If it’s not on the list it’s still likely to be ‘normal’ as the whole body and brain becomes compromised by these drugs. I always say get medical reassurance as needs be just in case there is something else going on, after all, even in Benzo withdrawal, life continues and we can still get sick and suffer viruses on top of everything else.


The main point is not to let those symptoms ‘freak’ you out too much. They can be very weird and make you feel you must have this or that medical condition. Out comes Dr Google who gives you all sorts of scary answers so that the very least you have is Multiple Sclerosis, cancer or a brain tumour! This is highly unlikely but does show how adding that fear to an already fearful situation is going to pile on the anxiety and up the level of pain and suffering. Also going into great detail about your symptoms by writing them all down on the groups and get those confusing answers is not always a good idea because again, anxiety can be increased. I’m not saying don’t ask as you need reassurance but try not to focus on each individual symptom as it crops up because mostly these are just passing through as the body reorganises itself to regain a benzo free life.


It is an inexplicable experience and not a lot we can do but hold on and let it all pass, as it will. If you can accept the symptoms and not add fear your journey will be easier. Remember, they are a sign of healing so don’t let them cause you to think you’ll never get better or they are permanent as there’s no evidence for this at all. We have to experience the symptoms to reach full health. They don’t need to be controlled by more drugs or supplements or even by other, alternative therapies as basically they need to be left alone to sort themselves out and bring you to peace. Let the symptoms pass, watch them from a safe place within yourself, let go of control and they will all settle in the time that is right for you.


Many symptoms are created by the anxiety we feel at this time. The picture shows just how many of our symptoms can be down to the high level of chemical anxiety we experience as the brain heals.




30. Jan, 2019


Never lose hope. Hold it deep inside you and let it carry you through the worst times. You are recovering, never doubt it, just dangle that beautiful carrot of hope in front of you and let it be your guide. You may stumble along the way but pick yourself up, dust yourself down and leave the past behind.

Recovery is like climbing a mountain sometimes but you’re going to reach the summit and perhaps sooner than you expected so keep going. Don’t compare yourself with others climbing beside you, trust yourself and the carrot of hope. 




29. Jan, 2019


Withdrawing from benzos must be one of the most confusing experiences that we will ever have to face in life. One day we can feel ok and more or less normal while the next we face a multitude of symptoms that leave us bedridden and in severe pain. This roller coaster ride can continue for months and, in a few cases, for years until final recovery brings endless good days.


Some of the most important learning in life comes out of our bad experiences and teaches essential lessons. The learning experiences of benzos are those that will help us live a new, calm and productive life with a strength and maturity we will never have realised by dampening ourselves down to drift through on the back of a pill. Celebrate this and don’t let those bad days lead you to believe the confusion that causes you to look for answers. That confusion can be compounded by searching here, there and everywhere, asking the same questions and getting a multitude of different and sometimes very damaging advice. This is your journey, nobody else’s and there are no sure answers for everybody. I sincerely believe that once you have learnt all you can and decided on what is right for you then the only way towards true recovery is to stop searching, accept all that happens for you and to surrender to the experience. Confusion will cause stress and the belief that something else is wrong and compound this with unnecessary suffering. Nobody knows you, and there are hundreds of reasons why you’re different from the next person, totally unique, totally wonderful and beautiful in your own body.


Please don’t add confusion to your Benzo journey. Listen to your own body and what it’s telling you then accept and recover as you will. Joy and happiness still exist deep inside you and are going to surface again for you, they are not lost forever. ❤️




13. Jan, 2019

A Post Written on Beating Benzos Facebook Group.


Please remember this is a support group and one for as much positive input and hope as possible. I am continually saddened by the amount of suffering amongst our members but I also ask for you to post about your positive achievements as well however small. Negativity and misery is going to pull others down, this is a fact and the more members are exposed to negativity the more they are going to soak it up and suffer themselves. Before you post please remember this as it’s nobody’s intent to make things worse for others. We appreciate the awful suffering that some are going through and support them as much as we can at all times with truth and understanding. Think about this......


‘Downward spirals are one possible direction a group can take, it’s also possible to have an upward spiral of energy that propels a group’s interactions. That happens when: 1) a structure is in place, 2) participants are specific about their needs and 3) the group meets challenges with an intentional mix of compassion, brainstorming solutions, collectively solving problems, identifying individual agency and/or organizing for change.’


I think we have the structure in place in our Guidelines and all the Announcements here. Most people are specific about what they are asking from the group but must remember the Trigger label if they think any of the content of a post could hurt another. Perhaps the most difficult to fulfil is point 3 but if we just think of the word ‘compassion’ at all times that will go most of the way there. Helpful discussion, no sweeping statements unless absolutely proven, working out a problem together and pointing the poster in the right direction with informed opinions and knowledge is going to get this group back on track.


Let’s aim for that upwards spiral towards hope and positivity. There’s a wealth of knowledge about benzodiazepine drugs and their damaging effects amongst members here so let that all shine through as we show compassion towards those suffering. My Love and Support to everyone 💖




9. Jan, 2019


I want to write a few words today about those that are subjected to further drugs by their doctors when suffering the symptoms of Benzo withdrawal. Sadly this happens all too often. You go along to the surgery in all ignorance and suffering a very real problem only to come away, after a ten minute appointment, clutching a piece of paper for yet another prescription. It’s your choice whether you fill that prescription or not and not your doctor’s. He is doing what he knows and sadly for the everyday GP this is to suppress symptoms of any illness as they appear. That way he can bring his patients relief quickly. This is how physicians operate because that’s what they’ve been taught in medical school. They rarely have time to read the guidelines for the drugs they prescribe and even more rarely do they understand the side effects and withdrawal procedures for those drugs. I emphasise that they can do marvellous things and save lives but they also have the power to do a lot of harm and reduce the quality of lives.


I’m not doctor bashing here I want people to realise that health lies in your own hands not those of your doctor who may have hundreds of patients to deal with. You know your body, you have the wonderful power of the internet to research and you have social media to ask questions. There’s really no excuse these days for anybody not to understand what their prescribed drugs can and can’t do and what the effects of taking them could mean. I urge nobody to take a prescribed drug or even a supplement when in Benzo withdrawal without in depth research on how any further chemicals can influence the brain and possibly make things much worse or prolong the recovery time. ‘The pill for every ill’ formula doesn’t exist, it’s a myth and something that has to be left behind in your learning process as you recover. The body wants to heal, it’s fighting hard to do this but if you use that formula and stop the symptoms from resolving the issues then you could be stopping or slowing recovery. Always be aware our natural state is full mental and physical health and a pill won’t bring us back to that state when we’re suffering the effects of benzos.