My Drug History


After receiving my medical records I can now list my drug history over forty years of benzodiazepine Drugs and Antidepressants. At no stage did the prescribing physicians recognise my continuing and escalating symptoms of tiredness, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, arthritic pains, lack of motivation, tachycardia, high blood pressure, twitching and chronic insomnia as caused by the drugs they persisted in prescribing in various combinations over all those years. I'm shocked and angry that such high doses of such dangerous medicines could be given to me in a variety of mixes to 'cure' the various psychiatric disorders which I never had. I'm even angry with myself for trusting these supposedly educated people and suffering throughout my adult lifetime from 27 to 67. How can this equate with 'Thou shalt do no harm' when benzodiazepines should be prescribed for no more than two to four weeks and only when absolutely necessary. It's very scary and I realise now I'm lucky to have lived through all this polydrugging and still be alive to tell the tale.

No records previous to this.....

1976 - Nitrazepam, Valium (benzos) Anafranil (antidepressant)
1977 - Valium, Nitrazepam (benzos). Anafranil, Amitryptilline, Triptyzol (antidepressants)
1978 - Nitrazepam, Valium, Temazepam, Frisium, (all benzos)
1979 - Temazepam, Valium, Frisium (benzos). Surmontil (antidepressant)
1980 - Normison, Frisium, Dalmane (all benzos)
1981 - As above
1982 - Dalmane, Frisium, Ativan (all benzos)
1984 to 1985 - Dalmane, Ativan, Temazepam, Triazolam (all benzos) Merital (antidepressant)  1986 - Temazepam (I stopped Lorazepam cold turkey and experienced withdrawal depression so ECT plus Lithium was suggested by psychiatrist and refused by me).                      

1987 - From now on I was prescribed Temazepam x 10 mg nightly (plus Premarin for menopausal symptoms and Inderal for high BP plus anxiety. Diagnosed with Hysterical Personality Disorder)
1994 - Still on Temazepam (plus Premarin and Inderal). Continued for next nine years.
2003 - Temazepam reduced to just 20 x 10 mg a month. Continued for next three years.
2007 - Temazepam reduced to 10 x 10 mg a month plus some Valium. Continued for next four years.
2011-  Valium intermittently every day and up to 5mg for muscle pain, Zopiclone (1 month) then Nitrazepam10 x 5 mg a month until withdrawal in November 2012 (Various antidepressants prescribed, tried and thrown out over next year).

It all started with Nitrazepam and finally finished with Nitrazepam.

I've divided the drugs into groups that cover the years of my journey gleaned from the records I've received.