Benzo Books

Books for information regarding the dangers of prescription drugs and mixing these.

These are all personal stories of benzodiazepine withdrawal.

The Benzo Devil by Rob Pharazyn

Personal Account of Success and advice to help others.

From Fear to Freedom by Don Killian

A personal story written in the third person with reflections on withdrawal.

Addiction by Prescription by Joan E Gadsby

One woman’s triumph over benzodiazepine drugs and fight for change.

Benzo Land by Richard Crasta

This includes a personal story and is, ‘Published in the off chance that it might increase public awareness of the dangers of Benzodiazepine dependency, and to influence public policy and law in regard to Benzodiazepines and similar drugs’.

Death Grip by Matt Samet

A climber’s escape from Benzo madness

I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can by Barbara Gordon

Another story of Mental Health Institutions and one woman’s survival from withdrawal in the seventies

The Benzo Book by Jack Hobson-Dupont

One man's story of tapering from benzos with references to The Ashton Manual

Recovery and Renewal by Bliss Johns

A personal story of withdrawal plus advice and self help techniques

With Hope in My Heart by Bliss Johns

A personal story of hope and survival after benzodiazepine withdrawal with a more humorous slant

Worse Than Heroin by E. Robert Mercer

Another personal story

Free to be Me by Fiona French

The life story of a Scottish lady's long Benzo use and her recovery.

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