A Pain in the Neck

Posted on 23rd March 2015

I'm a pain in the neck for my husband and family I'm sure but they tolerate and support me thank goodness. I'm not talking about this figurative meaning here though. I'm literally suffering a pain in the neck which has steadily worsened over the last week....ouch and double ouch. It's affected my sleep and my mood and seems to have encouraged pain throughout my body. 
It's hard when these new symptoms crop up so far out. I've no idea why I have so much pain at the moment but, as with a bad wave of anxiety, I must try and accept it and see my way through the best I can. I've used a heating pad, rubbed in aloe vera gel and then, as a last resort, took half an Ibuprofen tablet this morning. I really do have to be driven to the limits before I even look at any medicine even a simple over the counter drug. So far I'm ok and just sitting bathed in fogginess and diverting with a good book as well as writing here. I'm sure it will go eventually.
Different problems can appear although I'm 28 months off Nitrazepam now. A quick reminder that I was on Temazepam for most of my forty years of prescriptions but this was changed to Nitrazepam in the last year before I stopped of my own accord. Muscle pain and stiffness in the early stages are common as benzos are muscle relaxants. Once they've left our bodies the muscles can become tense and painful as they cry out for the drug. When this far off surely this can't be the reason for muscles tensing and causing pain? I don't really have an answer to my own question but it does seem that muscle, joint and tendon recovery is something that has to be endured in this long and relentless process. I've been told this morning to believe my glass is half full and that this is just another step in the healing process. Certainly everything gets worse before it gets better so fingers crossed my back and neck muscles are on the mend.
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