A Pill For Every Ill....Not!

Posted on 9th January 2019

I want to write a few words today about those that are subjected to further drugs by their doctors when suffering the symptoms of Benzo withdrawal. Sadly this happens all too often. You go along to the surgery in all ignorance and suffering a very real problem only to come away, after a ten minute appointment, clutching a piece of paper for yet another prescription. It’s your choice whether you fill that prescription or not and not your doctor’s. He is doing what he knows and sadly for the everyday GP this is to suppress symptoms of any illness as they appear. That way he can bring his patients relief quickly. This is how physicians operate because that’s what they’ve been taught in medical school. They rarely have time to read the guidelines for the drugs they prescribe and even more rarely do they understand the side effects and withdrawal procedures for those drugs. I emphasise that they can do marvellous things and save lives but they also have the power to do a lot of harm and reduce the quality of lives.

I’m not doctor bashing here I want people to realise that health lies in your own hands not those of your doctor who may have hundreds of patients to deal with. You know your body, you have the wonderful power of the internet to research and you have social media to ask questions. There’s really no excuse these days for anybody not to understand what their prescribed drugs can and can’t do and what the effects of taking them could mean. I urge nobody to take a prescribed drug or even a supplement when in Benzo withdrawal without in depth research on how any further chemicals can influence the brain and possibly make things much worse or prolong the recovery time. ‘The pill for every ill’ formula doesn’t exist, it’s a myth and something that has to be left behind in your learning process as you recover. The body wants to heal, it’s fighting hard to do this but if you use that formula and stop the symptoms from resolving the issues then you could be stopping or slowing recovery. Always be aware our natural state is full mental and physical health and a pill won’t bring us back to that state when we’re suffering the effects of benzos.

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