Behaviour Changes for Recovery

Posted on 4th September 2020

❣️Motivate and Educate Yourself
Read the information pages here, listen and learn from those that have recovered. Write down the reasons you want to be free of benzos.

❣️Keep Things in Perspective
Don’t catastrophise, you are not dying you are readjusting for a better life. The more you imprint catastrophic scenarios on your brain the more you will suffer. Avoid others that do this and imprint their fear on you.

❣️Stop Seeking Answers
There are no sure answers to benzo withdrawal as the process appears to be different for everyone. Searching for other reasons for symptoms and how to control them again adds unnecessary fear and may prolong recovery. Surrender and accept and seek medical reassurance as necessary. Confusion can be created by receiving numerous different replies to the same question on benzo groups. Go only with a source you trust.

❣️Be Patient
Rome wasn’t built in a day and recovery from benzos takes time as the rebuilding involves every part of your physical and mental being. Help this along with a healthy diet, light exercise, techniques to lessen anxiety and belief in your healing. Don’t watch time passing learn to live in the moment you have. The past has gone, the future is undecided so you only have ‘now’.

❣️Incorporate Small Changes
Old habits die hard but can be changed. You may be used to popping a pill every time you had a feeling of anxiety now learn to accept that feeling, breathe through it and understand it can’t hurt you. The more you do this the less of a monster it becomes. The same with insomnia as sleep is a natural function that will return if you don’t try and use a pill to shut down your brain. Natural sleep is refreshing and rejuvenating so learn sleep hygiene techniques and make them a habit.

❣️Prepare for Setbacks
They can happen at any time even several years off the drug. Life happens and a sometime everybody has to face an upsetting event which may trigger those unwanted feelings and even physical symptoms. This can be the death of somebody close to you, a new illness for which you have to take a drug, or the need to move away from your home and so on. Any reaction to such events will pass again so don’t let anything force you into seeking relief from a benzo and going through the whole withdrawal process again. Know how you will deal with such events when it happens for you. There are many skills you can learn to help you cope so find what suits you best.

❣️Elicit the Help of a Partner or Friend
Having a friend or partner beside you who is willing to learn why you are suffering is of enormous benefit. They can see things from a rational perspective and be there for you in times of any distress. If you have no partner or friend willing to do this find somebody on line who understands and can give wise advice. Again I urge you to keep to just one or two and not create confusion with numerous willing helpers with differing points of view.

❣️Let Go of Wanting it All Right Now
It’s going to take time as I’ve said before. Every little change you can make towards a healthier future will help build a magnificent new person. Each day that passes is going to bring you closer to that new you. Don’t fret about time passing, use it wisely for learning and strengthening your mind and body. Recovery will unfold in the time that is right for you.

What This All Means for You
So use your days wisely and don’t spend long periods of time on the internet scaring yourself further. Let your internet time be a time of learning and of helping towards building that new person into a stronger, wiser and more knowledgeable human being. Passing through the horrors of benzo withdrawal can actually be one of the best things that happen for you in your life! Stay on track until you reach that amazing, final destination with desire, emotion and knowledge. ❤️

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