Believe in Yourself

Posted on 3rd November 2019

A book I’m reading at present, ‘Mind Over Medicine’ has made me think more about the power of the mind in Benzo Withdrawal. I feel we do overlook this far too often yet the placebo effect is well known and is merely a strong belief in what we’re doing to help ourselves. Therefore, whether this belief lies in more drugs or supplements or in keeping free of everything and concentrating on a certain diet, exercise or therapy, it will help to make recovery easier as long as you’ve come to your own informed decisions.

Loved ones, friends or even strangers on a support group will try to tell you what is best for you but they are not you and only you can be in your inner self and know what is right for you. Everybody has this intuition and it will serve you and feed the placebo effect far better than anything else. In other words believe in yourself and what you’re doing to achieve health and recover from Benzos.

Your brain and body are doing their very best to heal you so try not to scream at them or resist this healing process. Everything that comes up in your recovery, physical pain or mental fears, will pass in time and don’t need controlling but they need to come up for you to let them go. Believe in yourself, believe in what you’re doing to get through withdrawal and you will be rewarded with full healing in the time it takes for you.

My prescription is to therefore take one placebo pill a day before breakfast! ❤️

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