Buddy Awareness

Posted on 26th November 2016

There are many lessons to learn as we battle through the hazardous minefield of withdrawal. Sadly we become aware that too often friends and family can turn away from us and fail to understand the suffering we're facing. We therefore look to our internet friends to provide the inspiration that we need to recover.

We badly need reassurance that all the vagaries of this process are just the body and brain attempting to get back on track. No two healing journeys are the same but the intense anxiety and fear are the same for everybody. I've made some very close internet friendships through sharing my deepest anxieties and many have now recovered and provided me with the inspiration to keep going, even when I take a step backwards and despair. Sadly, there's always the other side of the coin when perhaps an internet friendship turns against us for a variety of reasons mostly due to misunderstandings or something else in the background we don't know about. Baylissa always told me to look after number one first and turn away from drama and upset as it can pull us down. I'm passing her thoughts on to you today as the Christmas season fast approaches and adds further stress to already stressed benzo sufferers. We are all in this together.

I've written before how the frustration and anger of withdrawal, especially protracted withdrawal, can result in causing hurt to us by those who we attempt to help. Mostly this is superficial and erupts in abusive emails or messages written in capitals with swear words. I try to look on this as the result of the horrible situation they find themselves in so they lash out at anyone who will listen. 'Know your buddies' is my message for today.  Understand what they are going through, understand all that may be happening in their own lives to influence their actions and be tolerant but don't let it hinder your own withdrawal. Take a step back if necessary. Choose your buddies wisely, hold them close and support each other with loving care and honesty this Christmas time.❤

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