By Cari

Posted on 11th February 2016

Feelings of being overwhelmed and discouraged are very normal during a wave, it is nothing to feel bad about. Just don't panic, and remember that you are not always going to be like this! Although you may be exhausted and feel like you will never heal, as if you are the one person who won't ever get better, that is just not true, your body is on a different time schedule from others!  I have seen people who were on benzos for years heal within a few months, while I was only on them for 6 months and have been dealing with wd for months and months. There is just no figuring out the reasons of why that is. But you are going to get there, just get through today, and then tomorrow, pretty soon you will be on solid ground! Meanwhile, just try to find ways to cope. Do not isolate yourself, keep trying to do small things, watch uplifting movies, whatever itvis that brings you some positivity and relief. Mostly be kind to yourself, it is not your fault you are sick! Let others help you when they offer. Try to find peace within your struggle, try to be encouraged because you are going to make it !!! ~ Blessings, healing, and hope to you😊💗!
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