By Karen Kennedy

Posted on 11th February 2016

Today, February 8, 2016 is my anniversary off 3 years off Clonazepam! I started to heal, around 2 years off, to feel "me" again, to be a functioning person, to be able to feel joy again. Last year was amazing as I got my life back. I started to do do art, which I had thought I had lost all passion for it and my artistic ability. It all came back, symptoms just disappeared, no more neck tightness, no more depersonalization( I had that real bad), sleep got better, after years of horrible insomnia,cognitive functioning came back. 
I am so grateful each day for my life, that I could come back from so much darkness and suffering. I am still not recovered psychological, that will take awhile, but I trust in the goodness of life again. I still have fears and some anxiety at night, can I sleep tonight, even though I sleep at night now.
Please, no matter where you are on this journey, how long you have been on the drugs, how much, I believe you will heal, our bodies and brains really want to get back to normal, it's takes TIME, everyone has their own timetable. It is only Temporary!
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