Posted on 29th January 2019

Withdrawing from benzos must be one of the most confusing experiences that we will ever have to face in life. One day we can feel ok and more or less normal while the next we face a multitude of symptoms that leave us bedridden and in severe pain. This roller coaster ride can continue for months and, in a few cases, for years until final recovery brings endless good days.

Some of the most important learning in life comes out of our bad experiences and teaches essential lessons. The learning experiences of benzos are those that will help us live a new, calm and productive life with a strength and maturity we will never have realised by dampening ourselves down to drift through on the back of a pill. Celebrate this and don’t let those bad days lead you to believe the confusion that causes you to look for answers. That confusion can be compounded by searching here, there and everywhere, asking the same questions and getting a multitude of different and sometimes very damaging advice. This is your journey, nobody else’s and there are no sure answers for everybody. I sincerely believe that once you have learnt all you can and decided on what is right for you then the only way towards true recovery is to stop searching, accept all that happens for you and to surrender to the experience. Confusion will cause stress and the belief that something else is wrong and compound this with unnecessary suffering. Nobody knows you, and there are hundreds of reasons why you’re different from the next person, totally unique, totally wonderful and beautiful in your own body.

Please don’t add confusion to your Benzo journey. Listen to your own body and what it’s telling you then accept and recover as you will. Joy and happiness still exist deep inside you and are going to surface again for you, they are not lost forever. ❤️

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