Dealing with Life Traumas

Posted on 24th September 2017

I've written this on the Facebook group this morning and sharing it to my Blog......

Just to wish you all good Luck and keep going on your journey. I've not been around too much recently as my son has had some major brain surgery so I've been too worried about him. 

When we're going through withdrawal with all its complexities it's also impossible to shut ourselves away from other life traumas. The very act of being alive brings with it inevitable dramas that have to be survived. In withdrawal actually getting through these natural life events is much harder because we may have been used to popping a pill to help us. Now we only have our own resources to turn to for this. One of the important parts of withdrawal is to arm ourselves with coping tools we can turn to in the event of a crisis in our outward lives. This may be a crisis of losing a loved one, of dealing with major surgeries in ourselves or others and so forth. Keeping away from that pill bottle or even a desire to up the dose of a taper becomes much harder. This is where it's essential, during this time of recovery, to help ourselves keep those natural anxiety emotions at a normal level, something that's hard to do with the damaged GABA receptors that may still be healing. Learn all you can to remain as calm as possible in a crisis and I recommend techniques such as EFT tapping, mindfulness, deep breathing and meditation, anything that suits you and you can cope with. Withdrawal doesn't have to be a non productive time of just waiting for symptoms to pass, use it to help yourselves learn as much as possible about the brain, it's functions and how to remain calm in a crisis.

For the last few days I've been tapping away saying affirmations and just getting through this difficult period for my family. Learning to cope with real life is a major part of recovery for everyone on this benzo journey.

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