Diet and Final Healing

Posted on 8th August 2016

I'm very much better now apart from the itching and hives. In order to 'mop up' the remaining symptoms and feel 100% I'm looking closely at my diet and receiving support from a nutritionist. I'm only four days into the Paleo 30-day Reset Diet. This promises great benefits and so far the skin problems are starting to become less intense.

Basically I'm eating just good quality animal protein and different coloured vegetables and a little fruit. For breakfast I've been having a fruit smoothie made with coconut milk, for lunch a salad with protein and for dinner fish, chicken or meat with vegetables cooked in good fat e.g. coconut oil. If this is successful it will be refined and possibly some herbs added. I will report back and give more details on my diet page after a few weeks.

It certainly makes me feel more satisfied and I no longer have any bloating or digestive issues. I have high hopes but I'm wary this may be a placebo effect at the moment. I will be 45 months off in two weeks and this fourth year has seen a dramatic change for the better in my healing although I've still been knocked out by the occasional severe wave. This feeling of almost final recovery is amazing and makes me feel quite euphoric

There is now a new Facebook group for those of you at least two years off all drugs so please contact me for further details if you fulfil this criteria. The group is small and kept secret so you can share any concerns you may have at this protracted stage in complete confidence.

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