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Posted on 3rd November 2017

It’s a sad fact of withdrawal that many people become ‘disturbed’ during the process and create a reality of their own. They believe only what they want to believe and attack others if they are told the opposite or given the true facts. I’ve learnt a lot over the last six years spanning my tolerance to the drugs and then recovery from my ‘cold turkey’. I wanted to use this knowledge to help others travelling the same path and who were as bewildered as I was.

It’s been a long journey for me and I’ve read many books, talked to many ‘experts’, been interviewed for Benzo articles, spoken on radio, talked to the U.K. helplines, spoken to numerous doctors and amassed as much knowledge as I can about benzos, their effects and how the brain recovers. Sadly there are still those that choose to make the journey hard for themselves by attacking other people and literally trying to push them overboard and make themselves the centre of attention by creating a toxic environment. They flatly refuse to accept that those like myself who have suffered, recovered and researched in depth can actually have more knowledge than they have. It’s these arrogant, misinformed and quite honestly dangerous people that make my blood boil! I am referring to those members intent on upsetting the Facebook groups, not only mine but others that have been set up to support people by highly knowledgeable administrators who want to make their own suffering and recovery count for something.

I’m sad to have to say this but this is really a warning to everyone in withdrawal that people are not always what they seem to be on the internet and some may have a hidden agenda. I want to help, I long for the day when all this is understood and there is professional help and acceptance but I am not sure I’ll see this in my lifetime. I try my best, learn constantly all I can and really want to find out as much as possible to support others and make my own suffering worthwhile. Perhaps I’m a little naive where human nature is concerned as I really want to trust everybody. Sadly, this has been another learning milestone for me as not everybody feels as I do or has a strong empathy towards others. 

Thanks for reading and please be wary. I’m here to help and want to do this without drama or argument because there are no absolute answers in benzo withdrawal and once this is accepted then people can plan their recovery to suit themselves without an arrogant, they know best approach which is likely to only cause them harm in the long run.

I can be contacted through the Facebook group  Beating Benzos  so please join us if you’re not already a member. The group is for positive support as well as answering your questions.

My Love on this sunny November morning.

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