Finally Access

Posted on 27th June 2018

I apologise for such a long delay in writing but my devices were hacked. I have now retrieved some of my data but please be aware that the beatingbenzos email address is no longer available and contact can only be made through my Facebook group Beating Benzos. If you've not received a reply to an email then this is the reason. 

I'm now a long way from the start of my journey at 67 months off. In spite of recent stresses in my life and bad overreaction of my nervous system there's no doubt that I'm a lot better. My aim at this point is to help my nervous system fully heal and retrain it to remain calm in the face of turmoil in my life. I believe after decades of my CNS being under the control of Benzos I've failed to develop the coping techniques as I've aged so I'm left in a very 'raw' state. I'm doing my best to help it fully heal rather than waiting around and letting even more time pass. This doesn't involve any special techniques, supplements, diets or therapists, it merely involves me and my belief in myself. I'm going to write more about this another day but just wanted to let you know I'm still here and doing well. My Love 🤗

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