Healing Nights

Posted on 16th May 2016

We are now well into May and the sunshine is pouring in through my windows. The approach of summer in itself is very uplifting for us all.

A quick update here as I continue to navigate my recovery. At this stage there's very little to report. I'm still quite fragile and can be overreactive at times but I am so much improved. I get the occasional poor day but I can cope with these. At long last I feel the nights are no longer endless, dark passages of time that have to be survived as I experience nightmares, tachycardia, sweats and so forth. My nights have always been my worst time of day and I believe this is something to do with the fact that I took a dangerous hypnotic Benzo for decades. I've never craved a sleeping tablet throughout all my withdrawal but I have craved peaceful sleep. Now that is here it's wonderful and to be celebrated. Sleep helps healing and makes the days free from the tiredness and stress the hours of tossing and turning used to cause for me. If you're still having bad nights know these will slowly become easier until you experience calm, peaceful sleep again.

My thanks to everyone who has been contributing to the Facebook site, Beating Benzos. There is great support for everyone here in their various stages of healing. It remains a group for positive support and I know friendships have been formed amongst the members. I post a picture quote every day and welcome others to contribute as well so that there's plenty of inspiration to help us along the way. I know there is suffering but if we continue to believe and keep hope and positivity alive we do all heal.

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