Posted on 7th November 2014

Hope is a powerful adjunct to healing. To hold on to hope and to send our brain only positive images of recovery helps it to normalise. Constant negative thoughts can only lengthen the process and make waves even more unbearable. 

Just holding on to hope, even through a bad wave, really does send out healing messages. I believe the long, relentless, acute wave I last suffered was my brain doing it's best to regain homeostasis and may even have been my final Tsunami.  It was smoothing out all the damage that the drugs caused hopefully to signal healing and the approach of full recovery. Whatever, eventually all will be well of that I'm sure.

I continue well and I continue to tread on those eggshells. It's been two weeks now and symptoms are waning on a daily basis. It's difficult to announce that the end is in sight but I truly feel that this is the case. My nights are beginning to level out although I still wake with rapid heart rate and pain on occasions. However, this is nothing like the nightmarish symptoms I used to suffer. Hope is ever present and I'm positive there has been so much healing over the last two years that soon the real me is going to surface and stay afloat. 

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