Hope from the Hopelessness

Posted on 22nd March 2021

You’re going to be ok. Never give up on hope as it’s your best medicine of all. Never think any of this is going to be permanent as you’re healing all the time you’re freeing yourself of psychotropic drugs. Your body and brain will thank you for doing this.

When symptoms are raging ‘hopelessness’ is the dominant feeling as anxiety, depression, anger, sadness and a myriad of physical problems pull you deeper into despair. I know I’ve been there and believed there was no way out for me. But at the very centre of that hopeless feeling is some little grain of conviction that others have got through this so I can as well. This is why the despairing posts on the group in some ways help others not to feel alone or to feel any ‘different’.

Hopelessness can feel intense, lead to some scary thoughts but it is born out of frustration and fear and can’t be resisted as it’s part of the healing process. I can’t tell you to think positive, be brave or any platitudes like that but I can tell you that the little grain of hope, buried deep within and the reason you are putting yourself through all this, is going to grow into a sense of pride and fulfilment as recovery unfolds.

However hopeless you feel now you are going to be ok. 💗

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