Individual Differences

Posted on 25th May 2014

We must never forget that everyone who suffers withdrawal is different. Nothing works for everyone because there is no magic solution. We just have to do what we feel is right for us.

Within the paraphernalia of life everyone has different experiences and faces different challenges. We are unique not only in the genes we inherit but also in the lives we lead. Even identical twins still have different life experiences and can never be truly identical. It stands to reason therefore that reactions to the drug withdrawal are never going to be the same for the many sufferers.

It's not only life experiences that may determine the passage and intensity of symptoms. What about age. At nearly 70 and after long term use my recovery is inevitably going to be different from that of a teenager after four or five months usage. The resilience of youth verses the creakiness of old age! It all gets thrown into the mix and stirred around to produce different emotional and physical reactions.

All this and many other individual differences must influence how we perceive our withdrawal problems and what we do to lessen them. For some the taking of other drugs and supplements is not a problem to ease their way but for others these only serve to intensify symptoms. I'm one of the latter and know to steer clear of anything that my body looks upon as interference. Nature should be allowed to unfold and create the healing that is right for us whether it's aided by supplements or left undisturbed.

Yesterday was rough for me. I suffered a wave of flowing pain and stiffness throughout my body. It made it difficult to move around and my low back pain flared up badly. I rested but it lingered and kept me chair bound. On these occasions I tend to look for cause and effect but nothing was obvious. It has eased today but I'm still resting, reluctant to press the pain buttons whatever they are. Some never suffer pain others are badly affected and have to contend with this as well as the mental turmoil. Whatever makes an appearance accepting and keeping positive is the only answer.

We all deal with withdrawal in our own way. We find our own way of tolerating the suffering and eventually our own way of re-entering life. However different each of us may be, we all heal!

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