Know Yourself

Posted on 4th May 2020

There are now many Facebook groups dealing with the problems of Benzo withdrawal. There are also many websites and Blogs that have been created to try and help others through including my own. However, one of my greatest concerns is the often conflicting and confusing answers that can be shared through these resources. Everybody seems to have their own take on this and wants to help in their own way, even me! However sometimes too much help can be worse than too little and the results are the opposite of what we, with all good intentions, try to achieve,

All we know for sure is that there are no answers in this. Nothing has been proven, nothing fully researched apart form Heather Ashton’s studies and clinical investigations in the 1980’s. Even she could never have been fully aware of just what a worldwide problem this was to become and how her research may only have scratched the surface of this. All we have since is anecdotal evidence.

For these reasons please take great care with any advice you are given because nobody knows what is right for you and can’t tell you what to do, what to take or how your recovery will unfold. It’s one of my greatest concerns that your recovery is yours alone and you must be in charge of it. Learn the facts, be wary of what your read and use only what may be relevant to you. Well meaning people can cause you to take a wrong turning.

There is information here on this website and a lot in the Units and Files of the Beating Benzos Facebook group ( ) but even so take out what you feel will benefit you and keep it safe. You need to form your own ideas and plan your own recovery we can only support and advise through our experiences and not tell you what to do. It’s all the different experiences that just add to the confusion but if you’re aware of this, know your body, your history, your personality and what you feel is best for you then your recovery will be progress without confusion and with hope.

Knowing yourself and educating yourself is going to help you get through this experience better than anything or anyone else can.  🌈

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