Limited Beliefs

Posted on 19th August 2020

I have not written for awhile but still lots to say! I have had a setback, mostly severe insomnia but hopefully back in action for the moment. I remain fragile but there was no obvious trigger probably just more healing for the brain to do. Forty years of Benzos sadly equates to a very long recovery time but it does continue to get better. Every part of me inside and out is being readjusted and I have never lost the belief in my own healing.

Please don’t limit belief in your healing either. This is another brick wall to break down in order to help yourself have a smooth, perhaps even a less symptom filled recovery.

Limited beliefs may be deep in the subconscious mind and can be conditioned by ourselves and the world we inhabit. They have their foundations in childhood and are built up throughout our lives. If these beliefs are negative then they can continue to influence our lives for the worst.

A few emotionally limiting beliefs that may arise while you recover from Benzos are...
I can’t heal, I’m worse than anybody else, I’m a failure, My story is too complex, I have been kindled, there is something else wrong with me, I am all alone with no support, I’m too old, I can’t do this, I will have to reinstate/updose, I need to stay on the drugs.....

Some of the physically limiting beliefs may be...
checking the body all the time for symptoms, focussing on what you don’t want to happen, asking ‘why’ all the time, comparing symptoms with others, seeking another pill to control symptoms, being mad about what’s happened to you, blaming others for the state you’re in, having a negative prediction for your future, writing about your fears.....

I know this sounds harsh but it is important to seek ways to help change your mindset rather than ways to stop the symptoms. Creating peace and calm within yourself will be of far greater benefit in the long run than trying to control symptoms or let them take you over. Put a positive slant on the symptoms and know that they are bringing you to full recovery,

You can do this. You are all some of the bravest and strongest people we will ever know. Find ways to support your healing through the many practices that help your mindset to become more positive. I will write more of these another day as I don’t want this to be too long.

My Love and Support to some very brave people. You too can fly. 💪💙

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