Making a Fresh Start

Posted on 3rd September 2017

I'm sorry I've not updated my Blog for so long. It's been an incredibly busy time but I've successfully negotiated a long and sometimes difficult house move. We're here at last. Close to the family for support in our advancing years and close to all amenities and even close to the sea 😀.

I've had to make several ‘firsts’ that I haven't been able to do for a long time. I've left a home in an area I've lived for 23 years and travelled over 250 miles to my new home, near to civilisation in the form of London. I’ve slept well in a different place and in two different beds, at a hotel then at my son’s house, over our six day move. I've not had one sleepless night in this time and I've managed to do some unpacking to make our new place as comfortable as possible. 

I'm trying hard to make this a fresh start and leave the horrors of benzodiazepines and the damage they do well behind me. I still do have minor symptoms and can't deny that. Moving house is stressful at any time of life and for me, in protracted withdrawal and at 72 years of age, has been particularly stressful. The symptoms that reappeared were pain in my lower back and legs plus extreme tiredness but they are easing now. I'm hoping that all the night terrors have gone after leaving the memories behind in my old house. Memories of walking the floor night by night and of extreme anxiety that just wouldn't let go or allow me to keep still. I'm determined to do everything to prevent myself from going back there.

I know those in protracted do have setbacks even when several years off and in order to prevent this I am pacing myself and resting as necessary. Diversion is easy as there's so much to do that will allow my mind to refocus on designing my new interior and buying the necessary products to make it comfortable. For the moment I'm focussed and happy and feeling more positive than I've been for many years.

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