Posted on 13th January 2019

A Post Written on Beating Benzos Facebook Group.

Please remember this is a support group and one for as much positive input and hope as possible. I am continually saddened by the amount of suffering amongst our members but I also ask for you to post about your positive achievements as well however small. Negativity and misery is going to pull others down, this is a fact and the more members are exposed to negativity the more they are going to soak it up and suffer themselves. Before you post please remember this as it’s nobody’s intent to make things worse for others. We appreciate the awful suffering that some are going through and support them as much as we can at all times with truth and understanding. Think about this......

‘Downward spirals are one possible direction a group can take, it’s also possible to have an upward spiral of energy that propels a group’s interactions. That happens when: 1) a structure is in place, 2) participants are specific about their needs and 3) the group meets challenges with an intentional mix of compassion, brainstorming solutions, collectively solving problems, identifying individual agency and/or organizing for change.’

I think we have the structure in place in our Guidelines and all the Announcements here. Most people are specific about what they are asking from the group but must remember the Trigger label if they think any of the content of a post could hurt another. Perhaps the most difficult to fulfil is point 3 but if we just think of the word ‘compassion’ at all times that will go most of the way there. Helpful discussion, no sweeping statements unless absolutely proven, working out a problem together and pointing the poster in the right direction with informed opinions and knowledge is going to get this group back on track.

Let’s aim for that upwards spiral towards hope and positivity. There’s a wealth of knowledge about benzodiazepine drugs and their damaging effects amongst members here so let that all shine through as we show compassion towards those suffering. My Love and Support to everyone 💖

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