Never Give Up - Update October 2022

Posted on 1st October 2022

I’ve learnt a lot over the last week. I’ve been coming through an intense period of readjustment and thought it would never end. Today I’m ok and feel back on full recovery road at last.

I’ve listened to various podcasts and videos to search for anything that has meaning for me and could inform as to why such a long protracted withdrawal. I’ve been reading the ‘The Survival Paradox’ by Isaac Eliaz and ‘Mind Over Medicine’ by Lisa Rankin, both books have something to offer us. I am also discussing various possibilities with Baylissa but more about these when I’ve tried and tested for a bit longer. 

For me sleep and disturbed nights have always been my biggest issue which determined whether I could live my days or remain curled up in bed. It’s therefore been a focus for my attention. At last I’ve had a week of sleep, albeit with the usual several wake ups, but thankfully these times going straight back to dreamland and waking at a normal hour and without those almighty morning adrenaline rushes.

I still recommend not focussing on individual symptoms or anybody else’s individual symptoms but keeping true to yourself and focussing forwards on success and recovery and not backwards on hurt, pain, trauma and suffering. The body and brain are sensitive especially when protracted and can react quickly, not only to any further additions of medications and supplements at this time but also to the thoughts that pass through our minds.

I just want to give hope today that however long you may be protracted that better times do emerge out of the wilderness so please, those of you years off benzos, don’t give up that hope and keep learning to inform your own recovery. It is still happening but sometimes needs that little boost of hope and success and also knowledge of yourself and listening to that internal dialogue which can tell us a lot about what is happening and what we need for our own healing.❤️

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