Never Say Never

Posted on 28th September 2015

You will know me and my beliefs in all this by now, "Me take a supplement or drug, never". The truth is never say never. There may come a time during the withdrawal process when a drug becomes necessary to combat an infection or like me, high blood pressure. Withdrawal puts our bodies into a highly compromised mode which may reduce our resistance or trigger something else within our systems. The main point is to act sensibly, talk to your doctor and choose the right drug and in the right dose for a highly sensitive body. Always thoroughly research a prescribed drug first.

This has all been brought on for me by an escalation in the intensity of my symptoms as the wave has careered onwards wreaking havoc within my body and nights of adrenaline surges that brought me back to memories of acute. It got so bad that I was driven to calling in my doctor. He found a shivering, quaking wreck fuelled by adrenaline and fear. There's no doubt that my Blood Pressure would be high when in this state.

He examined me and my heart was beating ok but my BP was up so that dreaded word 'stroke' was mentioned. More than anything I want to live and get through all this and certainly don't want anything to prevent my doing so. Life is too precious and however ill I've felt I've tried to always hang on to that shining light at the end of the long dark tunnel. A stroke could possible extinguish that light once and for all. I was willing to do something to prevent this happening.

I've always held a fear of having to be prescribed an antibiotic or any other drug while suffering like this. I am supersensitive to everything so the very mention of drugs can turn my stomach over. My doctor went away to research the best medicine for me. He needed something that didn't cross the blood/brain barrier and so hype up the central nervous system further. He prescribed something in a low dose which I've been taking a quarter of for the last four days. I'm ok, not perfect but I no longer have high BP and the adrenaline rushes have gone. I feel happier and more positive and am now able to sleep again. This is a tiny dose that is unlikely to have any effect on normal people. For me, as a highly sensitive person with everything in hyper drive, it not only reduced the BP but calmed me somewhat. I liken it to homeopathy where infinitesimal amounts of a substance aid healing.

I've learnt from this experience and now throw out the assumption that all drugs are bad. It's difficult not to assume this when it's a drug that has damaged us and altered our lives for so long. I have to be realistic and if something really is necessary I will research it to the full. Then, when I'm happy I'll take the tiniest dose possible and gradually increase this as necessary. That way I'll hopefully avoid any major reaction. Taking a drug will not set back withdrawal and if there is a bad reaction a drug can be changed as necessary. I'm carefully monitored by my prescribing physician for negative effects. 

Always remember we're all very different and react in different ways and this is my experience after being afraid of taking drugs and supplements due to negative reactions. I would love to hear the experiences of others on this subject.

I'm back on track and enjoying the very late UK summer which has finally arrived!

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