New Beginnings

Posted on 28th March 2017

My life is about to change. A fresh start, new beginnings and hopefully a final kicking of the withdrawal syndrome into touch. My home is under offer and we're moving 250 miles to be closer to our sons. It's likely to be a rocky few months as these times always are but I am extremely positive and feel happy and hopeful of the future. When we have a new home decided then the first hurdle will have been crossed.

At first I panicked and was waking in the night with sweats and palpitations but now this has settled and I am taking it one step at a time, pacing myself and chipping away slowly at all we have to do over the next few weeks.

Looking back on withdrawal, from 48 months onwards things revved up a lot but this never lasted long. I waved in and out on a daily basis and sometimes the symptoms sent me to distraction but this was definitely how it should be for me. I now feel more stable and ready to face whatever the future brings. I'm starting to sleep longer hours, the adrenaline rushes have calmed and I'm coping with the enormous amount of packing up I have to do due to downsizing. The move is my distraction and I'm throwing myself into it.

Never lose hope because it really does get so much better. Your situation doesn't have to change completely like mine to make this happen. Just take it slowly and as calmly as you can using all the techniques you've learnt as you face the final challenge of reentering your own life and picking up the reigns again. You will be so much stronger and wiser. The brain is remarkable and can adapt itself to new situations with positive input and a belief in yourself. I've never regretted the process and can honestly say it's given me a new understanding and a depth of appreciation for my life and my family that I've never had before. I will continue to write here as my new life takes shape.

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