Perfect As You Are

Posted on 24th October 2020

Almost a month since I last wrote here. I've been lying low as symptoms have done an upsurge over this time.

Moving from GI issues to fully body pain has been the latest experience Plus a bad histamine reaction to a bite on my ankle (no idea what nasty little insect decided I was so tasty). The pain was worse in my neck, right shoulder, hips and knees. Anxiety hit the roof and of course sleep disappeared yet again!

Today I seem more or less normal and the pain has subsided and the GI issues have eased. I've no idea what has triggered all this but don't feel I'm through the woods yet so taking it easy and keeping calm. My new mantra...'I relax and let healing flow through me easily'. 

I'm including my latest positive post here for encouragemen. 

'Perfect As You Are

As you move through the readjustment from shedding benzos you may have to endure many painful mental and physical experiences which cause a loss of self and a focus on the body and suffering.

Illness, confusion, discomfort are not who you are. Focussing on the relentless symptoms, which can morph and change from one day to the next, won’t help you to heal any faster. Trying to figure out how to ‘treat’ them will, more often than not, only make them worse. Any further attempts to quieten them with medicines, creams, diet and so forth leads to questioning everything you put on or into your body so whipping up anxiety and constricting your world.

Learning to just ‘be’ with those sensations, that pain in your outer physical body and watching it all from within in the present moment with curiosity and not judgement, allows everything to pass unimpeded by a fearful mind. There’s nothing you need to do to ‘fix’ yourself because you are whole and perfect as you are.

Relax into your recovery and try not to fight it. You can make it easier for yourself. Continue to learn and understand what is happening in the brain and the body then watch it all unfold in your time of healing. You are all so brave and acceptance of what is will become part of the new you as slowly you begin to find yourself in the midst of chaos.
Love as always 🌹'

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