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Posted on 28th May 2019

Everybody’s perception of symptoms suffered in Benzo withdrawal is different. We all create our reality from our thinking which is strongly influenced by past experiences and by what we have learned to be ‘real’ for us. We also have different pain thresholds and different life support as well as different personalities. An easier withdrawal may be seen as being experienced by somebody with a positive outlook on life and no great traumas influencing recovery plus a high pain threshold and good family support. Being able to talk things out with a partner can help a lot as can keeping negativity at bay and trusting that symptoms are the body and brain recovering.

This doesn’t mean those that suffer and cry out here are not strong people needing help because they are. They may just be coming from different life experiences in their personal past. Other illnesses, lack of that support and fear can really make this a horrendous process for so many. Wherever a person is coming from everybody needs the help and the support that is vital for them. Nobody is experiencing the process as worse or better than others because it’s only how they are viewing their recovery and how their particular circumstances and reactions are true to them.

I don’t believe it has anything to do with the dose, the length of time on or the age of a person. There’s different factors at work here and maybe genetics, life experiences, the mind etc play a bigger part than realised although Ashton does touch on this. Everybody, whether they cry out or suffer in silence, is suffering in their own way 😢. Our task is to be compassionate to everyone whatever their experience of Benzo withdrawal.

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