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Posted on 22nd July 2019

From Beating Benzos Facebook Group.....

“You ask, 'Why should your doctor, neurologist, psychologist etc understand the benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome?' my reply is,

'Why not' - if you listen to the world renown specialists, Professors Ashton & Lader in their interview 'The Benzodiazepine Medical Disaster' (in our Announcements here) and hear that the long term problems with these psychotropic drugs have been known, discussed and written medically about for over 50 years, how can someone who has trained for years to reach the exalted position of a medical professional, even a Neurologist specialising in peoples' brains, not understand what effects these evil drugs can have, especially as thousands of their colleagues have been dishing them out like Smarties year in year out. No, there is no excuse on this planet for someone in their responsible position to be ignorant concerning the effects of these drugs, as the info is and has been out there for years.”

I found this in my saved articles and interesting posts and it’s so true as I read of more and more pills being foisted on members suffering from Benzo withdrawal when all they need is to be given compassionate understanding and freedom from chemicals so they can heal from benzo poisoning and get their lives back.

My own answer lies in another post I wrote here.......

“I know not everyone will agree here and I am also aware for some of you certain medication and supplements may be absolutely necessary. The main point is that we have been harmed by a chemical that has given us difficult and sometimes extreme side effects that are slow to recover from. We live in a society that has been conditioned to believe that a drug or supplement can do us good even cure us therefore, when suffering, we naturally search for answers to alleviate that suffering. In Benzo withdrawal we come to learn that these beliefs have to be challenged if we are to recover as quickly as we can. The body isn’t the body that used to be able to eat, drink and take a pill as needed because it’s changing. In this state of change it is highly sensitive and doesn’t want to be further abused with chemicals, it wants to be left alone to do what it has to do to fully recover. Once recovered it will accept whatever we choose to throw at it, although I believe this whole process is an awakening that helps us value ourselves more and wake up to the innate health that lies within us all.

I know this is controversial and I completely understand the need to search for that elusive ‘cure’, that miracle pill, as I’ve spent years now doing that for myself. Eventually I think we give in to it all and it’s that giving in that supports our final recovery. Always remember it was a chemical poisoning that put you in this predicament, that ‘abused’ your body, so maybe better not to possibly do further harm with more chemicals added to the fire. It’s a hard lesson to learn when doctors, even specialists try to ‘put us on something else’ so I write this is answer to all the cries searching for something to help the horrors as my heart goes out to you. You will be well.”

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