Positivity v Optimism

Posted on 29th December 2019

 Replace Positivity with Optimism in 2020

The dictionary interpretation of Positivity....
‘A desirable or constructive quality or attribute’.

This is the reason the word ‘positive’ becomes a conundrum in benzo withdrawal and impossible to fulfil. We can’t be positive about anything but we can remain optimistic.

How can people stay positive with a constructive attitude when suffering some of the most appalling symptoms anybody should have to endure? I no longer use that word in benzo withdrawal, or as little as possible, as I always found it angered me. When really sick you don’t want to be told to keep ‘positive’ as that’s almost ridiculous you want to know how you can best help yourself, ease the worse symptoms and remain hopeful.

Mindset is important but that mindset perhaps should focus on knowledge that this situation is temporary and the symptoms will go and on proof of healing through the success of others. This gives us optimism which is a more appropriate word especially used alongside hope. We remain optimistic for recovery and hopeful that the outcome of our suffering will be full health.

The dictionary interpretation of Optimism....
‘Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.’

So let’s make Beating Benzos a place of optimism as the new year approaches. Keep it on track as somewhere we can be confident to find support for healing through love, friendship, success and above all hope. 

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