Pushing Through

Posted on 6th May 2019

One of the biggest challenges in Benzo withdrawal is learning that somehow any symptoms suffered must be ‘pushed through’. It’s natural to want to find something to treat those symptoms because that’s what we’ve always believed and how any past illness we may have suffered has been dealt with. Sadly benzos are a whole different kind of animal and the suffering they cause can’t be just dampened down with another pill.

Symptoms may rage and we may become pretty desperate as all the cries for help in the benzo groups demonstrate. Sufferers will try anything, believe anything, that may give relief from the hell. All too often anything that’s tried just adds fuel to the fire which then burns more fiercely and takes longer to put out. It’s all so upsetting, I’ve been there and been burnt many many times. Eventually we realise that the way to recovery is ‘pushing through’, a far too inadequate term for the almighty efforts of acceptance and surrender that we have to make. But when we do learn to do this, perhaps using the affirmations I’ve posted here, the rewards are amazing because slowly (sometimes quite fast for the lucky ones) things will change and recovery will start to happen.        The fire will have burnt itself out.

My message here is to let things be as much as you possibly can. Be aware of adding any pills that can lengthen and perhaps worsen the process and believe your symptoms are bringing you to a better place. Somehow find your way through and let your body and brain reorganise themselves without further interference and without adding to the battle. This is how healing happens, not by searching for answers but by using the evidence of those many, many warriors who have gone before you and now live a Benzo free life. If there was anything that could relieve the horrors of withdrawal it would have been discovered long ago as the problems of these drugs have been known for over fifty years now. Your healing is yours alone and can be achieved if you can keep pushing through any bad times that may happen along the way. ❤️

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