Resilience Visited Again

Posted on 15th April 2020

I urge everybody who feels that their recovery is taking too long to please hang in there and don’t give up. Your body and brain are readjusting and this process is far from easy for most of us and that’s why we are here. Recovery can take from months to years and I’ve never hidden this fact but the main point is, however long it takes for you, it really is worth it and can’t be hurried. 

Please don’t give up when it seems to be taking far longer than you ever imagined. It’s a process that, for no apparent reason, is different for everybody. There are some parallels in the symptoms suffered but there are very few parallels in the healing process as this will unfold in the time and way that is right for you. Don’t despair when you find your friend is recovered in a few weeks and yet you are still suffering many months further on. This doesn’t mean you won’t fully recover and it doesn’t mean you need to try and ‘treat’ the suffering with further drugs. Once you step on to that band wagon you can encounter a whole new set of problems. Of course, if you are prescribed something for an existing illness then you can do nothing about this but, when symptoms are truly caused by benzo withdrawal, hold tight because these will gradually subside sometimes quickly and sometimes not quickly enough.

My love and heart go out to all those facing tough symptoms today and always remember this is how you are healing. Once medical advice has reassured you there is nothing else wrong then learn all you can here and on the internet how you can best help yourself with calming practices and an enjoyable diversion. It’s a difficult time for the whole world and the added torment for those recovering from Benzos is causing more and more intense reactions. Everything has its time and getting through is something human beings are pretty good at. We are all resilient, strong, patient and resourceful. I like the quote, ‘The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong’, Swami Vivekananada. ❤️

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