Self Belief

Posted on 3rd June 2019

Learn to believe in yourself and the capacity of your body to heal without drugs or anything else. 

Belief in yourself is powerful and can help you escape the grip of psychiatric drugs of all descriptions. If you have this belief then you won’t ever resort to a dangerous drug again and let it control you. You will be paving the way for recovery by showing acceptance and developing power within to be able to cope with any situation that life may throw at you. You are a powerful human being able to conquer the world if you so wish!

Doubting yourself and your capacity to recover is a strong component of withdrawal. You may have relied on taking your daily dose of a benzo even with an antidepressant added for years and years. Now you have to do without these drugs and rely only on yourself. Self doubt can devour your confidence and lead to taking another drug or simply giving up your taper when the going gets rough. You become a slave to its attempts to bring you down and weaken your defences leaving you fearful and insecure. All your coping strategies get lost in its forceful presence and you do your best to fight and survive. But, the more you fight the more you go under. 

Don’t give self-doubt the time of day. Let it wash over you as with all other symptoms. Let that belief in yourself and your own body’s healing capacity take its place. You’re going to become so much stronger for this experience and it will be a strength developed from within and not given to you temporarily by a damaging drug. You can do this, you can believe in yourself and through that belief you will emerge as a happier, stronger and healthy person both emotionally and physically. 


A few pointers to help you believe in yourself and conquer self-doubt

  • Don’t believe in people who may pull you down. This may mean spending less time on the groups. Negative conversations and posts can steal your own energy. Make a few trusted Benzo friends and talk with them for support.
  • Don’t believe you have another disorder or be scared by those who insist you have something else and it’s not Benzos. Benzo withdrawal symptoms mimic numerous other illnesses and diseases.
  • Don’t believe another drug can cure your problems as it can only relieve symptoms temporarily or may even make them worse.
  • Remember your happier days, the days either before the drugs or when you felt normal and play these on the screen in your mind.
  • Trust, love and accept yourself as you are. Be your own best friend and be loving and kind to her/him.
  • Never give up on yourself. If you do have a relapse and perhaps sneak in another pill don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s happened so keep moving forwards and vow to do better next time. It’s not the end of the world.

Believe in yourself, your strength and your capacity to heal and you’re going to come out the other side happy, healthy and free.

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