Posted on 17th January 2020

#Getting in the way of your own healing. 

#Step aside, let it happen.

#Don’t fight it.

I’m seeing this more and more as time goes by and I continue to be involved with the benzo world. Healing happens faster if you do nothing! I believe it’s possible to get in the way of your own healing and this isn’t just about slowing it down with further drugs and chemicals but also with trying to control it with many of the so called ‘healing practices’. Of course it can be supported with good food, diversion and hobbies you enjoy, exercise and the such like but perhaps better not to try and change anything? Leaving this open as a question.

 I’ve written before about seeking ways to control the anxiety by using such practices as EFT, CBT, neurofeedback, binaural beats, affirmations, and the various other anxiety techniques out there but it came to me, while lying in bed this morning, that all these are doing is trying to control what the body and brain want to release and could actually be another way that’s preventing full recovery happening faster than we would like. Very controversial I know especially as some people rely on these practices to get them through a bad patch. Knowing how I’ve recovered I believe that trying to control my symptoms with tapping, breathing and so forth actually may have added more stress e.g. ‘Am I dong this right?’ ‘What should I say next?’, and so forth. Even meditation is a way of possibly trying to control our thoughts and something we must do each day or it won’t ‘work’. Maybe too far fetched I don’t know but worth throwing out there as a possibility.

 If we stand aside, watch what’s happening from deep within ourselves and don’t try and control this by any means whatsoever either drug based, physical, or mind control intervention would we heal faster? I don’t know the answer but I do know that the body is a miraculous machine with systems that work hard every day to keep us conscious in this world. The body knows what it’s doing and what it needs to do to bring us to health. There are times when of course intervention may be needed but there are also times, as in benzo withdrawal, when it just needs to release trauma, sort out systems that have been controlled and impacted by a drug and regain normal status quo. Maybe It wants to be left in peace to do this.

Whatever the truth of all this we know that healing happens in your own time so let your own healing unfold as it will and remember it’s not a battle to be won, it’s a journey of discovery to be completed without adding road blocks along the way. The destination is worth it.

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