Stormy Waters

Posted on 10th December 2014

A quick post to bring my Blog up to date as I may disappear for awhile with Christmas looming.

Sadly, the rippling effect has given way to a severe downturn. This is the eighth day of a tumultuous wave and I’m fighting to keep my head above water. The main symptoms are acute anxiety and dizziness. I rang an emergency doctor the other night as my heart rate was too fast to count. I can hardly stand and am praying for relief soon. I   will  survive this and believe it's just major healing. So many times have I thought I was recovering only to be hit hard and find myself drowning again. I must remember this is not a linear process and the worst waves can be followed by the best windows.

I am going to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and hopefully come back with some positive news as soon as I can.

A Happy and Peaceful Christmas

to all my friends on this long, hard journey beside me ❤

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