Sunshine and Springtime

Posted on 28th February 2016

Once again Spring is on the way. The photo Is of the daffodils growing in the fields that surround my home. They are such uplifting and happy flowers in their gorgeous frilly, yellow dresses. With the appearance of these flowers, the lengthening of the days, more sunshine and the promise of summer to come this is a very uplifting time of year.

I've little to add to my last message. My days are improving as are my nights but I still get the occasional 'blip' when I'm reminded that I'm still fragile and must tread carefully for awhile. After so much suffering for so long it's not coming to a sudden end for me but more of a gentle but bumpy decline in symptoms. It's been a long time but please rest assured this journey is different for everyone and these final stages will also vary for each of you and for most will happen much earlier on your recovery timeline.

I will be tidying up my blog pages soon so if you have any suggestions for alterations or anything you would like included please let me know here or by email. I want it to be as useful as possible to the many suffering this dreadful withdrawal syndrome. Thanks for reading 👍💕

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