Posted on 9th February 2019

There are numerous, inexplicable symptoms that come to plague us as we recover from benzos. They seem to appear in ‘sets’ which means sometimes they may be focussed on the gut and throw up a multitude of problems in that area while, at others they are focussed on muscle pain and we experience stiffness and aches all over. There’s a list of symptoms on my website and here in the Announcements which will verify what you are feeling is normal for withdrawal. If it’s not on the list it’s still likely to be ‘normal’ as the whole body and brain becomes compromised by these drugs. I always say get medical reassurance as needs be just in case there is something else going on, after all, even in Benzo withdrawal, life continues and we can still get sick and suffer viruses on top of everything else.

The main point is not to let those symptoms ‘freak’ you out too much. They can be very weird and make you feel you must have this or that medical condition. Out comes Dr Google who gives you all sorts of scary answers so that the very least you have is Multiple Sclerosis, cancer or a brain tumour! This is highly unlikely but does show how adding that fear to an already fearful situation is going to pile on the anxiety and up the level of pain and suffering. Also going into great detail about your symptoms by writing them all down on the groups and get those confusing answers is not always a good idea because again, anxiety can be increased. I’m not saying don’t ask as you need reassurance but try not to focus on each individual symptom as it crops up because mostly these are just passing through as the body reorganises itself to regain a benzo free life.

It is an inexplicable experience and not a lot we can do but hold on and let it all pass, as it will. If you can accept the symptoms and not add fear your journey will be easier. Remember, they are a sign of healing so don’t let them cause you to think you’ll never get better or they are permanent as there’s no evidence for this at all. We have to experience the symptoms to reach full health. They don’t need to be controlled by more drugs or supplements or even by other, alternative therapies as basically they need to be left alone to sort themselves out and bring you to peace. Let the symptoms pass, watch them from a safe place within yourself, let go of control and they will all settle in the time that is right for you.

Many symptoms are created by the anxiety we feel at this time. The picture shows just how many of our symptoms can be down to the high level of chemical anxiety we experience as the brain heals.

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