'The Swingin Sixties'

Posted on 19th February 2017

I'm taking quotes from Beatles songs at the moment. I love their music and I loved the sixties a time of great freedom and change and when I got married to my lovely man 😊. We've been married fifty years this July. Things were so very different then, no computers, no mobile phones, no automatic washing machines, colour TV just arriving but not really in general use yet, tiny TV screens etc. It was an era of great music, not just the Beatles but the Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Kinks, Hollies,The Who and so many others. A never to be forgotten decade by those who lived through it. Life itself became more relaxed but sex before marriage was still taboo and babies born out of wedlock labelled illegitimate. Sadly this was also the era when benzos came on to the scene 😢. It was certainly a time of worldwide transformation. But, just as those benzos have caused us all to undergo a transformation we will emerge as different, stronger people who will eventually learn to fly again and soar higher than we've ever done before. We will be well so please persevere and get through those bad days. ❤️
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