The Three Principles

Posted on 4th March 2020

Something a little different today.
In order to help myself through the worst of my withdrawal experience I became familiar with something known as the Three Principles way of understanding life. This is based on the insights a Scottish guy named Sydney Banks first realised in 1973. He wrote several books expounding his theories. He was an ordinary working man but his insights gave rise to an understanding of the principles that govern all human experience i.e. Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Universal Thought. His observations created a whole new field of psychology.

I’m telling you this because these absolute truths can be applied to our withdrawal experience. This understanding holds the potential to create positive change within ourselves. You don’t have to do anything just follow those that teach us how the power of our thinking governs our reality and that reality is totally different for every one of us. We are not controlled by what happens to us in our outside world but by our thinking about this within ourselves. Life should be lived from the inside out and not the outside in. There are many books and videos about all this, many practitioners helping people to overcome their anxiety and many have recovered their lives through this understanding. I have a therapist who is helping me and it works!

My thoughts are that the withdrawal experience could be relieved, even just a little by understanding how our thinking works and what lies underneath it all. We can’t relieve the suffering, the pain and sometimes the deep anguish but we can appreciate that our minds are able to create a better place for us while we recover over time.

Maybe this is a bit ‘deep’ but I’m working on it! There’s loads of books but I suggest watching the videos by Syd Banks, Michael Neill and Nicola Bird. Nicola lives in Surrey, UK and has made numerous podcasts on her website, all free and easy to understand. I do think there is something in all this that we can harness to help make our recovery easier for ourselves. So today watch your thoughts as they pass through your conscious mind and let them go because just recognising them will help bring you to a more peaceful place within. ❤️

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