There are No Shortcuts

Posted on 26th November 2019

Recovery from long term us of Benzos is a difficult process which has now been happening for over 50 years since they were first heralded as ‘mothers little helper’ in the 1960s. All that time their damaging effects have been known when taken for longer than the mostly approved two to four weeks. It’s a situation that should never have happened. Over all that time sufferers and the more enlightened doctors, such a Heather Ashton, have attempted to find that miracle cure which would make recovery from Benzos easier. Sadly nothing has been shown to hurry the return of those GABA receptors in the body and brain and the only true healer has been time. Myself and thousands of others have recovered when we allow our healing pattern to unfold in the time that it takes for us and using the coping skills that help us.

My point in saying this is to please don’t blindly follow others who believe they’ve found that miracle cure for benzo withdrawal. If they had they would make millions! The amount of people still suffering should tell you this. You must research and come to your own conclusions because mistakes can be very costly not only in money terms but also in increased symptoms and recovery time. Along with others I’ve been influenced by what I read on the groups, bought numerous supplements, paid out for different internet courses and therapies and still had a very protracted withdrawal, probably made worse by my not at first accepting that there are no shortcuts.

Please let your own healing journey unfold naturally as it will and know that as of this date, November 26th 2019, no miracle cure for benzo withdrawal and recovery has yet been discovered. If you find something that you believe has helped you that’s fine but never persuade anybody else to try this as it could have disastrous effects. I know nobody would willingly do this when trying to support in a benzo group but sadly there are those out there in the world that will try and persuade you that they’ve found that miraculous cure for their own monetary gain. Be your own judge, advisor and advocate as only you can help yourself by gaining the knowledge I so often speak about. My love to everyone and may you soon find that place of peace and calm everyone longs for.

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