Threatening Waves

Posted on 16th June 2014

I haven’t written for a few weeks because I felt I’d turned a corner and entered a new, calmer phase. Sadly yesterday, the window slammed shut and I’m back in a wave feeling many physical symptoms as well as unmotivated and tired.

It’s so easy to be duped into thinking recovery has arrived and this is it now. I find it difficult to believe how well I felt on Monday, even managing to drive quite a distance, when today I’m shaking and tired. I thought it may be helpful to list the problems I experience when a wave threatens. I don’t think anything can be done to divert a threatening wave but forewarned is forearmed and I can take it easier and not push myself too far. Here goes…….

* I feel ‘revved up’ internally with a faster pulse rate

* My low back pain returns or intensifies

* I get stiff and become more exercise intolerant

* I feel cold and often can get cramp in my feet during this period

* My head becomes foggy and I’m very tired and unmotivated

* Sleep is disturbed if it comes at all

* I’m more irritable

* Nightmares

Eventually these symptoms cause a downward dive for however long it takes the wave to pass. I just have to keep going and not aggravate the situation. Today, I’m pottering about in a mist and not able to go away in out motor home as we were planning.

When a wave threatens like this it’s hard not to believe that it’s been triggered by something I’ve eaten, by exercise or just by overdoing the stress in some way. I know drugs and supplements can precipitate this but when nothing is obvious it must be a healing process. I do find a little Propranolol (10 mg) helps keep my heart under control and stop some of the symptoms from escalating. I don’t take it continuously but have always resorted to a small dose when I start sinking.

I will be back when through this present downturn and hope to report a period of serenity that stays for longer than a few days.

Thank you to those who have been following my Blog or making email contact. I’m happy to answer any questions either about my journey or to give you advice on how I may have tackled a problem. This is hard for us all and if I can help others in any way at all then the process has had some validity.

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