Time Frames

Posted on 21st May 2020

Over the next few days I will be adding some of the motivational posts I've written on the Facebook, Beating Benzos group....


Once again I say please don’t put a time frame on your recovery as this way can lead to disappointment. I urge you to live one day at a time and not expect symptoms to miraculously disappear after a certain time whether that be weeks, months or years.

There is no time frame for your recovery so please ignore remarks from those that refuse to believe your symptoms may still be caused by recovery from benzos, even years off. I’ve never hidden the fact that my own recovery has unfolded over several years and I’ve been supported in this by others who are protracted and by those who now voluntarily support sufferers through benzo withdrawal after their own recovery. It does keep getting better but it can take longer than may be recognised, even amongst the benzo community sometimes 😢.

Of course get checked if you still have occurring symptoms many months or years off but, also be aware the brain remains sensitive for a very long time even for those who consider themselves recovered after a couple of years.

On a brighter note, you could be well tomorrow. Things can also turn quickly for a few and the worst of waves may be followed by a complete recovery. More common, from my experience, is that waves get lighter and less frequent until they disappear. The time frame for this is entirely individual so please don’t get despondent when you are still suffering after seeing friends recover because you’re still healing regardless of their time frame.

Move forwards one day at a time, don’t look backwards or compare with others as your recovery from benzo damage is unfolding in the time that is right for you. 💜

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