Tough Love

Posted on 15th July 2020

I am better after my setback but more of that another was another learning curve.

There are many coping skills, therapies and the such like that can be used to help your own recovery but there are also some things that need to be addressed before looking at how to help yourself through the worst times. I’m calling this 'Tough Love' because you may not want to follow this advice preferring to dwell on the fear and misery.  

...First and foremost avoid any horror stories like the plague. Your sensitive nervous system at this time is going to absorb them into your very being and influence your stress levels so fearing the worst for yourself.

...Take a break from the benzo groups, they offer good support but can also lead you in the wrong direction and create confusion. I’ve seen this happen so many times and it never ceases to sadden me. Find only one source of advice that you trust plus a few trustworthy friends.

...Believe in yourself and your own gut feelings and don’t blindly stumble down alleys that can lead to worsening symptoms. I’m referring to the doctors that may try to foist further drugs on top of you and the numerous supplements, nootropics, herbs, amino acids, minerals and so forth that are touted as miracle cures, there are none. Be your own advocate.

...Don’t seek out every little symptom in your body and write about it as this not only ingrains the misery on to you own mind but also on to the minds of those that read about it. Symptoms will pass but they will definitely linger longer if you focus on them.

...Never say you are dying because you are not. In fact quite the opposite because symptoms mean your body is coming back to life, perhaps after years of being dampened down by a sedative drug.  Let it do this and celebrate your return to life instead!

...Stop that looping brain as the thoughts go round and round creating an inescapable hell of negativity that seeps into your very being. Break the cycle, use the time to learn a new skill, read, listen to music or walk in nature. Find a coping skill that suits you and this may be learning a new spiritual understanding of life. Use your time wisely.

...Finally please take the time to share gratitude with others. Instead of dwelling on how bad everything is that is happening to you think about what you can be grateful for in your life. People would far rather hear about this because love comes above everything else in the end. 

Never forget you are recovering and focus on how you are recovering rather than how awful everything is at this moment in time. 

My LOVE and understanding as always

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