Trust in Yourself

Posted on 21st September 2019

Today trust in your own healing power. Like that bird on the branch you too have wings that will lift you safely from Benzos. It may take time but it will happen if you allow it to. The human body and brain are remarkable and have everything within them to make you well again if only you can trust the process and allow them to do so.

Psychiatric drugs don't cure anything, at best they suppress symptoms for awhile or numb unwanted emotions just like a plaster over a wound. They may be helpful in the short term but over time they can have disastrous effects as that plaster works loose leading to a downward spiral in health and worsening problems.

‘All psychiatric drugs change the way the brain and nervous system function and over time, they cause more permanent structural changes as our brain and nervous system tries to adapt to the new unnatural balance of chemicals. Over time, our whole body starts to 'rewire' in response to the new, chemically altered environment. This brings secondary changes in the functioning of all our body systems. Some of these changes can be significant and cause new unpleasant symptoms and difficulties’.

I’m not sure who wrote the above but it’s something I’ve saved as it simplifies the process that those in withdrawal of any psychiatric drugs have to face. These drugs cause changes which, when stopped, cause even more unpleasant symptoms. Never stop them suddenly and always taper slowly and safely to allow the changes to reverse to normal with time.

Please trust the process and allow your body to heal. Trust in your own healing as it is happening all the time you’re withdrawing and setting yourself free of Benzos. Try not to slow or even reverse the process by controlling it and not allowing the brain to rewire over time. You can be free like that bird and fly again. ❤️

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