Update, April 2022, We Are Real!

Posted on 1st April 2022

After a long and difficult ten years I believe it’s now time to try and explain my journey to all those who disbelieve that a low dose of a prescription drug given to me fifty years ago for sleep could possibly cause so much suffering for so long.

I would like this to be read by anybody who chooses to ignore anything that the thousands of those inflicted by benzodiazepine (benzo) brain damage is trying to tell them. A broken leg can be seen physically and accepted as taking time to heal with the right support and knowledge. Sadly the benzodiazepine victim can’t provide X-rays or physical evidence of the damage that’s happened for them and so suffer further at the hands of ignorance and misunderstanding.

The effects of Benzos are a myriad of inexplicable symptoms that many times have caused the sufferers to announce they are dying. Sadly some do, through suicide and we’ve seen this happen far too often over the years as the intense physical and mental hell becomes more than any human being can or should tolerate. Families are bereaved unnecessarily as wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters seek a way out. It shouldn’t happen and even after death they can put it all down to something else refusing to recognise the true cause of the problem.

We are conditioned to believe doctors can do no harm and of course they can help and treat many illnesses now and do wonderful operations but there still exists a blatant trust in their own medicines. Of course they need to believe this in order to practice but if they followed Guidelines, as they should in the U.K. (NICE), then years of suffering for some of their patients could be avoided.

We are real, thousands and thousands of us all over the world, try to find answers for the on going problems and brain alterations that benzos have caused. If we are believed by supportive family and friends it goes a long way to alleviate that suffering. So this is written as my own recovery continues to unfold (I am very much better at this stage) to provide evidence that benzo damage is real, produces a myriad of inexplicable symptoms, can’t be seen so is often disbelieved but should eventually ease up for everybody. My Love as recovery continues to unfold…..❤️

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