Update for June 2022

Posted on 1st June 2022

Many people have asked how things are going for me now. I’m always positive as you’re aware and I continue to recover but not necessarily from the benzodiazepines for 40 years.

Since February 2021 I’ve suffered histamine issues which continue to cause problems today. High histamine is difficult to control with many recommendations but few solutions. I can live with them as most other issues have now subsided. I understand this may have something to do with spike proteins caused by the vax as this problem started a few days after my first Pfizer jab. I’m not going down that road or blaming it on this but I won’t be having another! I understand that 1.8 million people in Europe alone have suffered some sort of long term reaction. I was too sensitive at the time probably so it caused a setback. I prefer to believe that ‘this too shall pass’.

The Facebook groups are busy and now provide a wealth of information for those in recovery with David, my husband, having completed hundreds if not thousands of safe taper plans for people to show their doctors. He doesn’t want to see anybody suffer long term as I have after forty years and cold turkey.

Will the Medical Profession ever be educated in this and the problems of all Psychotropic drugs? Will it be continually put aside by Governments now making Covid, the failing economy and the Ukraine their priority? Inspite of the many deaths that occur as a result of these drugs nothing has been done over the last 60 years of their recognised problems and in all likelihood it’s going to take another 60 years. BUT, one day, probably long after I’ve gone, the light will dawn and hopefully the Mental Health System will be brought up to date on the dangers of the medications they use, their interactions and the awful truth of the brain damage they can cause.

Enough! Thanks for still following me and please join our groups where the information is continually updated so giving recent and safe support for everyone. ❤️

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