Update for September 2022

Posted on 12th September 2022

I’m writing this at a sad time for the U.K. Our Queen, Elizabeth 11, died yesterday and so ended her 70 year reign. She never failed in her duty to serve her people. RIP and thank you.

I am still holding back the writing of my success story but I am very much better and the really bad times have hopefully faded away for ever. I’ve been through some rough patches but they’ve passed quickly and brought me to a better place.

The main symptom continues to be the congestion that made an appearance after my one and only Covid vaccination 18 months ago. I’ve not had another. It seems to be an autoimmune problem that I still hope will subside one day as it’s uncomfortable and affects my hearing and eyes. Otherwise I continue with David to support those still in various stages of their own recovery. It’s a very personal progress of windows and waves or maybe one long inexplicable time of varying physical and emotional symptoms.

It does seem that symptoms of benzo withdrawal mimic those of many other illnesses and I’m referring to Lyme disease, Mold disease, CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, alongside many so called mental health problems such as General Anxiety Disorder, Somatic Disorder, Depression, FND (Fuctional Neurological Disorder) and numerous others. This is seemingly an attempt to deny the damage that long term use of benzos does to the brain and gaslight patients with labels to explain their suffering. It’s a sad state of affairs that’s has been happening for over 60 years now. More acknowledgement of the suffering of the millions all over the world would go a long way towards helping this syndrome be easier to bare and to prevent the suicides that can be the outcome for some who’s cries have gone unheard and ignored. 😢

I am now updating the various pages here and I hope those that still follow me will find some help and understanding from this very simple website. The three Facebook benzo groups remain active Beating Benzos for hope, knowledge and inspiration, Beating Benzos Symptoms Support for discussion of all those inexplicable symptoms and Beating Benzos Protracted Withdrawal for those over 18 months off. Please join us after answering the entry questions to find help and support from David and myself plus the many thousands of others suffering alongside us.

With Love and Healing as my own full recovery unfolds. ❤️

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