Posted on 10th June 2019

I would say windows are a period of time when all or many of your symptoms subside and you feel normal or close to normal. All psychiatric drug recovery patterns seem to follow this window/wave phenomena which therefore has to be something to do with brain recovery after alteration by these drugs.

Recovery is more than just a series of debilitating emotional and physical symptoms it’s also an imbalance in neurotransmitters. I’m not going into details of this here except to say the GABAa receptors are down regulated in benzo withdrawal and it takes awhile for them to up regulate and for the brain to find a new balance. Having these receptors ‘managed’ by a benzo for a period of time lasting weeks, months or years means that it’s going to take further time for them to return to normal once the influences of the drug are removed from the brain. In doing this, whether the recovery involves the damage inflicted by a benzo, antidepressant or antipsychotic, the various pathways in the brain have to resume normal service and levels of neurotransmitters return to their original, pre benzo state. This seems to cause an enormous emotional and physical upheaval in our bodies and even in our minds which, as we know is exhausting. Nothing can continue ad infinitum without letting up for respite. So.....

My point to all this is that the brain needs a rest from all this hyper activity so it switches off from repair mode to resting mode giving some breathing space for a short time. During that time everything breathes a sigh of relief (including our conscious selves) and gives the semblance of normality. The brain ‘practices’ homeostasis. It’s like the sky clearing and allowing the sun to come out briefly while the clouds reassemble again. During that brief interval we enjoy the feelings, the return of the old us, but we shouldn’t go overboard and start running marathons or eating or drinking unhealthily because this is also a resting time for our physical selves to enjoy but not to abuse. Overdoing it now could actually slow recovery just like trying to walk too soon on a broken leg. Pushing too hard at these times is not a good idea as this just exaggerates the stress response and closes the window faster.

Enjoy these periods of calm because they show you how you will be when that window remains open for good. Let the brain continue to do its job and bring you to full health without trying to control it with any more chemical substances. Windows are a sign of healing but so are waves so just let both wash over you and bring you to full health.

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